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Me, Myself and Mind®

Is there someone that you care
about who struggles with
physical health problems?
Do you or a loved one live with
insomnia, pain, depression
or low self-worth?
Do you know of someone who
feels out of control or trapped
in their own life?

ME, MYSELF and MIND is available online from
Ebooks are currently available from, Google Books and Barnes and Noble.
Ask your local bookstore to carry Me, Myself and Mind! (ISBN 978-0-9833431-0-3)
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You are more powerful than you have been lead to believe!

You can learn how to influence the automatic responses between your
mind and your body for creating greater health and happiness.
You can learn how to work with the part of your mind that runs the show.
When you do, you can take control of your health and your life.
The deep relaxation of self-hypnosis lets you communicate with your
subconscious mind for changing old patterns from the inside out.

You are the world's greatest computer

Your form is composed of approximately 65-70 trillion cells and
each cell is capable of recording millions of bits of information!
You are the sum total of all of your life's experiences.
Every experience that you have ever had, each memory and thought,
every sight, sound, taste and smell is recorded inside of you.
Every feeling you have ever had rests deep within your form.
These memories are nothing more than electrical impulses and
chemical reactions, yet they make you who you are.

You are the world's greatest walking pharmacy

Every chemical that you need in order to be perfectly healthy
and happy is already inside of you by design.
The deep relaxation of hypnosis can allow for greater levels
of healthy chemicals to be released and experienced.
Endorphins, the body's natural morphine is readily available
once you know how to access and use it.
It is powerfully strong and is free of side effects and risks.
Greater serotonin and dopamine levels can also be released
and experienced while in the relaxed state of hypnosis.
These chemicals not only make you feel good but
they help to strengthen your immune system.

What if you could:

eliminate stress by relaxing deeply,
eliminate insomnia for a good night's sleep,
balance your emotions and release your fears,
influence and improve your physical health,
create natural anesthesia for pain control,
eliminate unhealthy behaviors and addictions,
create strong and genuine feelings of self confidence and self-worth,
develop healthier relationships?

What if I could show you how to create successful results for yourself?

If you are ready to create true health and happiness
with natural mind-body skills that are easy to learn,
then purchase your copy of Me, Myself and Mind for
yourself or for someone that you love today!

Medical research through double-blind studies in the area of
mind-body science continue to show that physical health can be
influenced and changed effectively with the use of hypnosis.

Testimonials by Medical Professionals

"In March of 2014, an eighty-nine year old women came to me for a parotidectomy. Roberta Swartz was helping her prepare for this surgery. The areas they were addressing included:

One week later, the surgery occurred and I observed the following:

One day post-operation, I observed a good healing process. This was quite remarkable, especially for a patient of her age.
This experince allowed me to witness the use of hypnotherapy and I found it to be highly beneficial and effective as a complementary approach for adding in surgery preparation and recovery."

Ryan Osborne M.D.,
Osborne Head and Neck Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers, Los Angeles, California

"I have worked with Roberta for many years and have referred many patients to her for a myriad of problems. They have greatly benefited from her techniques in hypnotherapy. She has a vast understanding of hypnotherapy, mind-body techniques and psychology. Roberta can empower people to increase their personal health. Her book is going to be a great success and help many people, both patients and health practitioners."

Georgia Milan, M.D.
St. Patrick Hospital, Women's Health Care, Missoula, MT

"I have worked with Roberta Swartz for several years referring children for hypnotherapy for an array of disorders and I have been amazed with the efficacious results. We are privileged to have such a giant in the field in our small rural community."

Blaise E. Favara, M.D.
South Valley Child and Family Services, Hamilton, MT

Learning to work with the subconscious mind
is the final frontier for creating health.

Me, Myself and Mind can show you how.

What people are saying about Me, Myself and Mind

"This book is groundbreaking! Written so it is easy to understand, it puts the tools to change your life in YOUR hands. Highly recommended!"

Jewel W.

"Roberta is one of those cool folks that sees and understands human problems and solutions. See for yourself, buy her book. Read it, absorb the information, practice it...and delight in the rewards!"

Mark P.

"Roberta Swartz really understands the human mind. She makes complicated issues easy to understand and helps professionals like myself more able to assist clients."

Maureen of Maryland Hypnosis

"This is a great book on self healing. I would recommend this book to anyone. A very easy book to follow and she gives many tips and great advice."

Peggy M.

"This book renders the esoteric subject of hypnotherapy completely accessible. It is a well written 'how to' book, but that is just the beginning. It goes way beyond 'how' with clear explanations of 'why' it works. Roberta takes her readers through the labyrinth of the subconscious mind in easy to follow steps. She leads the reader to understand the logic of how our conscious and unconscious minds interact as well as how to impact the intersection to achieve a more balanced result for ourselves."

Terry and Rob R.

"I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is TRULY looking for ways to improve their just all makes so much sense and you wonder why no one told you these things before! Very easy read, too!"

Linda Hudson Looser
New Horizons Physical Therapy, Hamilton, MT

"This is the best self help book that I have ever read. I would recommend this book to EVERYONE."

Jesse W.

"I am so grateful to have found this book! I've read many self healing books and usually find disappointment when I've reached the end and find myself thinking - okay I get the problem but what's the solution? In my opinion, Me Myself and Mind is almost like a mental/spiritual cook book. It gives you the recipe for wellness and also shows how to put the ingredients to use.
What a gift!!"

Stephanie L.

"Just like the author, this book is a wealth of knowledge and help. It was so easy to follow and full of great advice and tips.
I am so happy that this book is available!"

Wayne W.

"Readers of this book will find inspiration, motivation and understanding of this fascinating field of mind-body medicine and hypnosis. They will be on a delightful journey towards understanding and how to create a healthy happy life for themselves. I know this because I experienced it."

Cissy F.

"Thanks to Roberta Swartz's self-hypnosis training, I am finally free from taking medication to get to sleep and stay asleep after being dependent for over 12 years. Practicing self-hypnosis has made me more aware that we all have God-given abilities to heal our ailments and conquer our dependencies to some pharmaceuticals. Roberta has helped me realize that I can take more responsibility for my own health and well-being by drawing from my inner-self to do so."

Reverend Greg K.

"I attended a smoking cessation program facilitated by Roberta and was given practical and helpful tools to quit smoking. Roberta was supportive during the process, helping me to understand the power of my subconscious mind. Through hypnotherapy and behavior modification, I was able to quit smoking!"

Marjorie V.

"I have had experience with Roberta's remarkable ability to help my grandson. She was able to help him improve his sleeping habits and helped with his attention deficit disorder. Roberta worked closely with us to improve his ability to learn. She has an understandable way of using hypnosis so everyone is comfortable."

Cheryl P.

"I consulted with Roberta about life-denying issues that had been troubling me since childhood. Her personal attention and wisdom combined with her hypnosis techniques' expertise helped me make major breakthroughs that changed my life dramatically for the better. The world needs to know what Roberta knows."

Laura C.

"Hypnotherapy with Roberta allowed me to feel very calm going in for extensive knee surgery. The procedure was very successful and my recovery was hitch free. Roberta is highly regarded by her friends and the community at large for her integrity and her contributions."

Barbara G.

You are more powerful than you've been lead to believe!
Are you ready to claim your natural healing abilities?